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At UNITY we all share the same aim for a more sustainable life. Our effort has been put into securing sustainability in the components and processes of UNITY life. We can always do more, and we are always working to take on new and better ways to help our planet.

Every step counts

At UNITY we want to do as much as possible. But we cannot do it all at once. That is why we focus on environmentally friendly initiatives that will have an effect not only in the future, but also right now.

In order to fight the global challenges within climate, environment and social circumstances we have committed ourselves to focus on the following UN Development Goals:

#11 Sustainable cities and communication

The UNITY buildings have low carbon inputs throughout the building supply chain and low waste methods have been used for all on-site and off-site construction.


We wish to be amongst the frontrunners of environmentally friendly building in Europe. Therefore, UNITY projects aim for specific environmental status awards. We are currently following the Swedish Green Building Council’s guidelines for environmental certification and have the following aims:

• Jylland – Silver
• Hammarby – Bronze
• Anholt – Silver
• Malmö – Silver.

Each UNITY project takes all material choices into account – from the bricks and isolation material used in the walls, to the power sources that light up, cool down or heat up our building.

Our first location in Hammarby is part of ElectriCITY, which means working closely with the organization, its members and partners for a more sustainable world. ElectriCITY conducts a number of test beds in energy, transport, circular economy and digital urban development. Our long-term goal is to become a climate-neutral district by 2030.


#12 Responsible Consumption and Production
We do our best to secure responsible living for our guest. We focus on initiatives which make it easy and transparent for our guests to make sustainable choices.


Carbon footprint calculated menus
UNITY restaurants and cafes are able to calculate their carbon footprint, which we wish to communicate to guests and residents. Being presented with the calculated facts on a daily basis, we can offer climate friendly meals and take active part in making climate friendly choices.


Fighting Food waste
Our aim to lower food waste fits our community identity very well. That is why all non-sold meals prepared in a UNITY restaurant or café, will be sold for half the price to locals in the neighborhood, residents eating in at night or people passing by – in fact to anyone, who shares our mission to lower food waste and does not say no to a gastro bargain.


Local Suppliers
The community DNA is also supporting your local community. And when the co2-emission benefits from this, it’s a win-win. That is why all UNITY restaurants and cafes primarily get their products from local and organic suppliers.


Smart Bins
In our common areas we make use of Smart Bins. Smart Bins are fully automated, environmentally friendly composting machines, transforming waste at workplaces into nutrient-rich and reusable compost soil in only a few days. By using Smart bins, we reduce waste volume by up to 90%.

Reducing the use of single used cups
If it was your own kitchen, you would probably use the same cup more than once. It is so simple to do and so beneficial for the environment. That is why we do it too.

At UNITY we collaborate with loop-it, which offers a sustainable and convenient solution to eliminate single-use cups. Our cafés will make it easier for our customers to reduce waste of single used packaging, by offering cups, that you can hand in at a cup station. The cups will then be washed and reused, instead of being disposed of right away.


Chemical free cleaning
Chemical free cleaning is not only beneficial to the environment, but also has a positive effect on people’s health. And let’s be frank, we do clean a lot.

At UNITY nearly 90 percent of the cleaning products used have an environmentally friendly labelling and all paper hygiene materials used and offered to our residents are Nordic Swan Eco-labelled.


Eco labels
We want our guests and residents to be able to make environmentally friendly choices. Also, we want all the choices made for them by us to be equally as good. That is why all our towels and bedlinen are Eco-labelled, as well as all our personal amenities in soap, toilet paper and paper towels are Ecolabel Certified.