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When you stay at UNITY your focus should be your daily routine, your career, where you should go out for dinner – your life. Our aim is to make this your only focus. As for everything else, we are here to help. If you need answers right away, check out our HELP guide and otherwise feel free to call us at: +46 (0)10 106 06 66 any time

Here to help

Here we have collected some essential information about life at UNITY and how to get the most out of your stay. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need HELP! Whatever you need.

  • About Unity
  • Cleaning
  • Events
  • The Amenities
  • The Units

About Unity

  • Where is Unity Located?

  • What type of people live here?

  • What is a Unity Membership and what’s included?

  • Does Unity Membership give me access to Unity CoLab working spaces?


  • Is cleaning of my apartment included?


  • What kind of events will Unity Membership give access to?

The Amenities

  • Can I book common spaces for my own private use?

  • Tell me about the social areas?

The Units

  • Can I have guests over?

  • How are the apartments laid out?

  • What type of apartments does Unity offer?

  • What does an Unity apartment typically include?